According To Duke:

I decided to join the Slenderiiz to the Max challenge in order to set an example for my organization, encouraging them to get in the best shape of their lives. As a business owner with contacts and employees who look up to me, I know the importance of leading by example.

Roadblocks To Success:

Toward the end of 2014, I was starting to get out of shape following a shoulder injury and the busyness of moving into a new home. I stopped making time for the gym and made poor eating decisions over the holiday season. Twenty pounds heavier, I knew I needed to do something and this contest came at the perfect time.

Making A Lifestyle Regimen:

I made sure to encompass every area of the Slenderiiz program into my life, from the drops to the Pure Nourish and Boost supplements, along with healthy food decisions and getting back into the gym regularly. I took my health to the next level as well by incorporating all of the Nutrifii products into my daily routine.

Seeing Progress:

I can’t say I ate the cleanest all of the time, but I was working toward choosing healthier food options like fruits, vegetables, and a lot of protein. I began to see changes and over the course of the contest, I dropped over 16 pounds and lost 12% body fat! I was leaner than ever!

Lean Machine:

In the past, I’ve used similar methods that helped me lose weight, but I was never this lean before in my life. I truly believe that Slenderiiz made the difference. It’s great to see people around me really wanting to get in the best shape of their lives. I feel like my original goal joining this contest has been achieved and I hope this example will inspire even more people in the future!

16lbs down

“I truly believe that Slenderiiz made the difference. I’m leaner than ever!”

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