According To Woodson:

You are reading the words of a hormonal woman in her forties; a wife and mom raising two young children and often losing track of what is going on from one hour to the next. On top of these challenges, I’ve dealt with food issues for over 20 years. I’m an emotional eater. I equate food with love, laughter, family, warmth, fellowship, friends, and celebration. This has caused people to call me fat, chubby, fluffy, and sturdy from the age of 15.

Trying Everything:

Over the years, I’ve tried everything to lose weight, happily shelling out thousands of dollars for the latest “quick fix” with very little success. This train-wrecked my self-esteem. I grew accustomed to feeling frazzled on the inside regardless of how put together I might have appeared on the outside.

Dealing With Denial:

The problem was, I wasn’t addressing the underlying issues of being an emotional food addict, carboholic, sugar fiend, and a very sedentary, low-energy, middle-aged woman.

The Change:

All that changed this year when I decided to take the Slenderiiz Challenge. This program held me accountable through before and after photos, which set my determination. I was not going to fail!


Instead of looking at the big picture of it being an 8-week challenge, I focused on one day at a time. And every day I got through was a mini victory. In less than a week, I had changed a 40+ year habit of looking at food as happiness to looking at food as fuel. The change was unreal. This is what it took to break a lifetime’s worth of poor health habits. Slenderiiz created a brand new lifestyle and gave me real passion for what these products can do.

Newfound Self:

Within the first week, I had increased energy and wanted to keep moving. I began to work out 30 minutes a day. I also committed to taking the Nutrifii Optimals, Omega-Q, Rejuveniix, Restoriix, and Pure Nourish shakes for snacks. I began drinking water like a fish and controlling what I ate. I believe anyone can take the Slenderiiz Challenge and have even better results than me!

32lbs down

“Slenderiiz created a brand new lifestyle and gave me real passion for what these products can do!”




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