What should I expect when starting this program?

You can expect to be hungry the first couple of days during the diet. After about 48 hours, the Slenderiiz drops will begin to curb your hunger. Factors that ensure weight loss include regular exercise and improved dietary habits, such as making fibrous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts part of your lunch and dinner meals. Fiber and water intake are extremely important to your success with this program.

Should I exercise while following this diet?

Yes. However – as you exercise, you need to offset calories burned with an increased consumption of calories. For example: If you run and burn 300 calories then you need to balance that out by consuming 75% of those 300 calories (or an additional 225 calories). But remember that you may only eat from the approved proteins and vegetables. No extra fruit. It is important to note that vigorous exercise will slow your weight loss. You will lose inches, but your overall weight loss will be noticeably slower.

What if I need to cheat, what can I do without completely falling apart?

This is one of our most-asked questions. If you are going to cheat, then cheat with lean proteins or green vegetables. Please don’t eat any sweets, ice cream or other types of simple sugars. If you do, it can set your diet back 3 to 4 days. Small cheats will not usually cause a sudden weight gain, but they may cause you to be unable to lose any weight for 3 to 4 days. Obviously we prefer that you not cheat, but if you do, be smart in your approach. Whatever you do, do it in moderation and don’t let cheating set you back so far that you give up on the diet all together. Remember, you will not meet your weight loss goals if you quit on the diet!

What do I do if I hit a plateau?

It is normal to experience a plateau (where weight loss stops) for 2 to 5 days. If it persists past 6 days, you need to do one of two things:

Option 1: For one full day, eat nothing but protein (and Slenderiiz Day & Night drops). Again, eat nothing but protein and drink only water.

Option 2: Drink 3 PureNourish shakes a day with two apples or 2 cups of organic baby spinach blended in your shake (plus Slenderiiz Day & Night drops) and plenty of water. Trying one of these 2 options should push your metabolism out of the plateau and allow you to continue your weight loss.

The cost of Slenderiiz Day and Night is too expensive.

According to the CDC, about 60 million Americans or 30% of our total population are considered “obese.” This segment of the population has a very unhealthy lifestyle consisting of an increased caloric intake of fast food or processed food and a decrease in exercise. When a person starts on the Slenderiiz Weight Management Program, the amount of money they save on not eating food balances out the cost of the drops. Recently, NutraSystems was running a promotion for $199 for one month that included all of their supplements needed to “lose” weight. This did not include the food. The price of Slenderiiz is considerably cheaper. In fact, the “cost” of some of the more popular weight loss programs, like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, NutraSystems and Slim for Life are considerably more expensive per pound lost than Slenderiiz Day & Night drops.

The eating plan sounds restrictive.

It is! It is restricted to eating good food – not processed or “fast food.” Remember, this is not just a diet – it’s a change in lifestyle. The approved list includes good protein (chicken (white meat), turkey (white meat), grass-fed beef, egg, roast beef, salmon, lobster, crab and shrimp to name a few. It also includes 250 calories a day of good fats that contain an increased amount of the Omega-3 fatty acids that are necessary to allow our bodies to be in an anti-inflammatory state (inflammation may be the root of all disease). And lastly, the diet includes good fruits and vegetables. The total daily caloric intake is 1250 calories, but when you add about 500 calories a day of fat that you could burn, most people feel full on “1750” calories a day. In fact, we sometimes hear that it’s difficult to eat the recommended number of calories a day because we are too full!

I thought eating whole grains were healthy. Why do I have to eliminate them?

While the glycemic index of whole grains is not as high as bleached, white flour or sugar, it is better to get your calories from the proteins, fats and fruits and vegetables that are on the approved diet. You do get more fiber with the whole grains, but there should be enough fiber in your diet when you eat from the approved list. Another thing to consider is that with whole grains, they are metabolized faster than protein and fat, so consequently, you could get hungrier more quickly than if you do not eat them.

What do the drops do to me physiologically that causes them to be a benefit?

What you are really asking here is how do they curb my appetite or change the way I burn fat? The Slenderiiz Day & Night drops were developed by doctors to do just this. In the Slenderiiz Day drops themselves, there are 10 ingredients. Five of them cause us to burn more fat, two of them cause us to have enhanced metabolism and three of them help curb our appetites. Think of the body as a giant thermostat, like the ones in our homes we use to keep our homes at a certain temperature. When the house gets too warm in the winter, the thermostat tells the furnace to shut down. When it gets too cold, the furnace turns on until the house is warm again. This is called “negative feedback.” The same thing occurs in our bodies for appetite. There are a number of hormones involved in controlling our appetites, but two of them stand out as very important. Their names are Grehlin and Leptin. It’s not important to remember their names, but Grehlin causes your stomach to growl when you’re hungry and Leptin tells your brain that you have had enough to eat. When we overeat, we become Leptin-resistant and our brains don’t get the signal to stop eating. So the excess calories we eat are stored as fat. These drops help us become less Leptin-resistant and turn off the hunger-fat storing mechanism in our bodies. The ingredients in the night drops, help us relax and have a better night sleep while reducing stress to keep cortisol the fat storing hormone under control.

I don’t believe in 100% natural!

These ingredients, which are all natural substances, are produced in an FDA-registered and regulated laboratory and are monitored by the FDA. Now it is true that some things cause a “placebo” effect, which means that if your doctor tells you it will work, 40% of the patients will tell you it worked for them. These drops were tested in over 10,000 individuals before it was released and the majority lost weight. Too much weight loss to be explained by just it’s only the “placebo effect.” Because of the way these products are produced and monitored, they are safe to use.

How do I know the weight loss is coming from the drops and not just from the 1250 calorie-diet?

This is a very important question. Before I answer it, let me explain how the body views the calories it consumes. We basically have two switches that control what we do with the calories we eat. It is not as simple as an on or off switch. Actually, it’s more like a “feast or famine” switch. Let me explain. When we have plenty of calories to eat, we are in a “feast” mode. Our bodies are happy we are getting plenty of calories for the production of fuel, so it decides that maybe this won’t last forever, so it’s important to store some for the future. It is stored as fat because it is the most effective way to store energy for future use. It’s like the Egyptians of ancient times who were told by Joseph in the Old Testament to store wheat for the seven years of plenty to prepare for the seven years of famine. The other switch is that of famine. When our bodies are in this state, the brain (actually the hypothalamus) realizes that maybe this famine will go on for a long time, so some of the calories it consumes will go on and be stored for future use. And yes, it gets stored as fat too. So you see, if you only starved yourself on 1250 calories a day, you wouldn’t lose weight by this alone. The drops help you reset your thermostat.

How do I know they won’t cause health problems later?

That’s a very good question. Let me turn it around a bit first. If we continue to eat the way we do, we will certainly have problems in the future as a consequence of obesity. Obesity causes inflammation and inflammation is perhaps the cause of all disease including cancer. In fact, the FDA has taken over the word obesity, so if you talk about stopping obesity, it makes it a “drug” and that is controlled by the FDA. So if you change your lifestyle, decrease your caloric intake, exercise a little, you may prevent any problems in the future. These 100% natural products are safe because they are all natural, and their production and storage is controlled and monitored by our FDA.

Will I gain my weight back when I stop the drops and the Slenderiiz Weight Loss Program?

This is a very important question. Within two years, 98% of all people who diet regain the weight they lost and some actually gain more. Because these drops and the type of lifestyle change we pursue, our bodies become accustomed to this new lifestyle. This includes the types of foods we eat. Because of this, we have seen almost all of the people who have used these drops continue to maintain or lose weight after they discontinue the drops.

The diet you are suggesting is only 1250 calories. Is it safe?

The number of calories we recommend is indeed only 1250 calories. But your body may consume up to 500 calories a day of energy you have accumulated over the years as fat. So actually, you are on a 1750-calorie diet each day. When you reach your goal weight and come off of the drops, you’ll find it easy to continue to consume 1750 calories a day to maintain your weight.

Losing a pound a day in weight is not healthy.

Nowhere in the medical literature does it say this. You are losing stored fat. This just stays in your body until it is needed for energy. It’s actually unhealthy to gain a pound a day (which by the way is stored as fat). The only thing you need to worry about is drinking plenty of pure, filtered water to help flush out the toxins that are stored in your fat that is consumed!

Does Slenderiiz Day & Night interact with my medications and if I have a heart condition, can I still take this?

This is a very important question. Slenderiiz Day & Night does not interfere with any medications you might be taking. That’s just the nature of any 100% natural product. Secondly, your medical condition, such as a heart condition, may actually be a direct result of having excess weight in your body. So reducing your weight and changing your lifestyle may actually be healthier for you than not taking the drops to lose weight.

After I stop the program, will I regain the weight I lost?

Of course, this could be possible. But remember, this isn’t just a diet. This is a complete change in lifestyle. Because the body’s thermostat for metabolism can be reset by a combination of taking the drops, eating a more nutritious diet and exercise, most people who have finished the Slenderiiz day and night Program do not regain the weight that was lost as is seen frequently on other weight loss programs. Remember, this is not just a diet, but a complete change in lifestyle.

A clinical study showed that Slenderiiz customers lost an average of 13 to 15 pounds in 28 days. Results will vary depending on diet and exercise.

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