According To Khai:

Before ARIIX, alcohol ruled my life. Every night for a decade I consumed so many drinks that migraines eventually set in, leaving me feeling fatigued, dizzy, and nauseous. My immune system was shot, I was getting sick repeatedly, and I had a very hard time getting out of bed in the morning. After turning 42, I decided I needed to turn my life around, get healthy, and be there for my kids and future grandkids.

Better Decisions:

I decided to join the Slenderiiz Challenge. The program was easy to follow and after only a month, I felt much more energetic and healthy. I began incorporating healthier options into my diet, like vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and fish, as well as exercising 20-30 minutes four days a week.

Restored Health:

After three months of diet and exercise changes, as well as taking the Slenderiiz products, I have greatly improved my health. I feel the change both inside and out, including healthy weight loss and a big increase in energy.

Finding Support:

It was through the support of so many people, like my professional contacts, other ARIIX Representatives, and my mother and wife, that I was able to find such success. These are the people who have continued to inspire me and who have stood by my side and encourage me to become the healthier, happier, and more energetic man I am today. I look forward to maintaining my good health as I reach for even more goals.

5.2 lbs down

“I realized that I needed to make big changes to improve my health. I wanted to see my three wonderful children grow up and the path I was on was not going that direction.”



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